'57 cHEVY!

This box art is one of my favorite versions of Deal's caricatures. The classic hot rod: big meats out back, little skinnies up front, huffer and scoop. Back when I was a kid I couldn't find this kit in the stores so wrote a letter to Revell. I received a form letter response stating the entire line was out of production, I think that was about '72. What a disappointment! Ah, but I have it now! BWAAHAAAA!

There has been a bit of confusion about the injector scoop size on the '57. Here's the deal- the original '57 cHEVY kit had the small injector scoop. Apparently the original chrome sprue mold was modified and reused when the Gomad Nomad was made and the small scoop was replaced with a larger scoop for the Gomad kit. Then when the '57 cHEVY was reissued as a Modeler's Club kit, it was issued with the big scoop because the chrome sprue was permanently changed. So, there are yellow versions of the '57 out there with both the big and little scoops. To make things even more interesting, a fellow DW collector (hi Jim!) recently purchased a '57 kit in the original style box that appears to be a later issue and it has the big scoop. Here are his comments:


Still doin the deals kits I hope. Came across an interesting variation I hadnt seen before.Both kits are regular issue it would appear (not club) My first kit is numbered H1355-1225 is a pale yellow with 1 piece small blower hat. The second is numbered s-3404 is a darker yellow and has the large 2 piece scoop like the gomad nomad. The instructions are different too as per the 2 blower hats. Figured it might interest you. Jim"

Very interesting that it has a different number on the box. I've been collecting Deal's Wheels for many years, and still there are things I don't know about this series!