Japanese issue Deal's Wheels

I had been collecting Deal's Wheels for years before I knew that foreign issued Deal's Wheels models actually existed. Even Deal himself was surprised when I told him about these finds! Both the Japanese and Spanish issue kits have different box construction than the US issues; the Japanese kits have very robust boxes while the Spanish kits have very light boxes. The kits themselves don't appear to be different although the colors are just a little off, typically a slightly different shade.

Many thanks to Shun-san in Japan who kindly sold me the 3 kits pictured below!

McLapper side panel, could all of these have been issued as Japanese releases?

McLapper box top

McLapper end panel, dig that Japanese Deal's Wheels logo! Awesome!!

McLapper contents. Instructions on all the Japanese issue kits I've seen are in Japanese with some of the English text left intact. Decals are same as the US issues, but do have some Japanese writing on them. Unlike the US kits, parts in the Japanese kits are bagged.

Rif Raf- the box top is basically the same as the US issues, but the end of the box has the kit name in Japanese.

Rif Raf contents.

Baron- like Rif Raf the box top is ordinary while the end panel is unique.

Baron contents.

Stink Ray

Thanks to my buddy Tom Tinling for sending me box scans of this rarity. This is a Japanese issue of the Stink Ray, molded in medium blue (instead of purple metalflake) and, coolest of all, containing an orange windshield!! The box top sides and end all have Japanese text on them.

Update 01-22-04 I'm sorry to report that I heard from Tom around Christmas and he was the victim of a fire that destroyed all of his belongings. Most sad of all is he lost his entire Deal's Wheels collection, a collection that he worked very hard for many years to build up. While I'm thankful he was not home at the time, my condolences go out to him for this terrible loss.