A BIG thank you to my buddy in Argentina, Joaquin Meier. He searched high and low through an old hobby shop in his country finding all the Deal's Wheels models he could for me. I'm forever grateful to him, in the 2+ years that have gone by since I purchased these from him I have never seen another one.

Box art is the same as the US issues, but there is Spanish text on the box sides and ends as well as the instructions.

First up (above) we have the La Correcaminos which translates "The Roadrunner". We all know it as the Gomad Nomad though. This is the only one I have where the name of the model itself was changed, the others retain their English titles. La Correcaminos is molded in a beautiful metallic green color, much more impressive than the metalflake green of the US version.

Here we have Lucky Pierre. Instead of metalflake gold, it's molded in a kind of solid beige color.

Und dis is der Messashnitzel. Didn't know I could speak German, did you? Haha!

Rif Raf. Molded in the same strange powder blue as the US version.

Last and certainly least in the horsepower department, the Van. In this case it's molded in a cool solid orange instead of the original's light brown color.

These are very cool variations and are to be treasured if you ever locate any. They're right up there with the Japanese issues on the coolness scale!!