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LAST UPDATE 06-20-14

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After a long pause, Revell is reissuing Deal's Wheels again! The Glitter Bug was issued last year (2013) and the Gomad Nomad is being reissued this month (June, 2014). Unfortunately both of these are molded in white, but it's nice to see this one reissued for the first time ever! Click the pic below to go to the Revell announcement page:

Round 2 Models has reissued 7 of the 8 MPC Zinger models! Click the link below to go to their web site and order the models.


Please note that the below print offer is no longer available since Dave Deal has passed away. I am leaving the info here for nostalgia's sake. Not many prints were sold through the entire run and very few complete sets were purchased. Those of you who have these prints and especially the complete sets now own a very unique and rare piece of Dave Deal's history!

Dave Deal's web site as linked to below is currently still online. I am not sure if any of the items can still be purchased or not, his family may still be conducting sales through the site.

Big Deal web site!! Dave Deal has his own web site with TONS of his awesome, timeless artwork shown. He offers prints, coffee mugs, etc. so click below and check it out!

And as if the world wasn't cool enough, now George Trosley is selling all kinds of killer artwork and prints too! Below is a link to his site. His prices are unbelievably cheap and his work is HOT! Also check out the link on his site to the CARtoons web site, that brings back many memories for those of us that grew up reading CARtoons in the 70's!

01-28-08 SORRY BUT DECAL PRODUCTION HAS CEASED. I may pick them up again in the future, but for now I have to quit offering them.

07-13-07 DEAL'S WHEELS REPRO DECALS!! I am now offering (probably for a limited time) reproductions of Deal's Wheels model decals! Click on the photo below for more information.

03-30-06 Every once in a while I get hit with a pleasant surprise. This time I was cruising eBay and ran across an auction for the old MPC Mailbox Chopper, but what's this? New box art? A quick Google check and I discovered a site belonging to John Greczula, and by some miracle he is re-releasing not just the Mailbox Chopper, but all FOUR of the original MPC choppers! This is a dream come true for me, I had one of these as a kid and never managed to obtain the others. The eBay prices for the vintage kits have remained above the 100 buck mark, so they were just out of reach until now. And not only is he repopping them, he has actually made some improvements. There are multiple decals to choose from, and the clear parts are also molded in red and blue. The new box art is slick too! At his crazy-cheap prices, do yourself a favor and order 2 or 3 sets! Shipping is blazing fast. Click on the picture below to go to John's site. UPDATE 2014- unfortunately it appears the site is no longer there.

11-14-04 Who am I? Recently I've gotten several emails from people who think I am Dave Deal, so I guess I should tell you who I REALLY am! I am Tres Wright, father of 3 wonderful kids, and of course a collector and hobbyist. I created this web site many years ago when I rediscovered Deal's Wheels models. I loved them as a kid and still love them now! I pay for the site hosting out of my own pocket just so I can share my passion with you. About two years into my collecting of Deal's Wheels, I was honored to make contact with Dave Deal. We continue to correspond and were even able to share a dinner when he was visiting here in Texas once, much to my delight! When I get emails from people thinking I am Dave, I send them on to him. But for privacy reasons I do not give out his email address.

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Hello to Marshmallow! Marshmallow is an incredible Japanese artist who has created some wonderful Deal's Wheels inspired renderings. Check out his site by clicking the above banner.

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