Hot Rod Show World 1972!

I've mentioned this magazine before, well we finally got a scanner and I am now able to scan some of these magazines I've had forever! This is a really cool Zinger spread that was done in the 1972 Hot Rod Show World annual. The first image below is of the cover which is a foldout:

This next image is of an ad that is also a foldout, it is on the opposite side of the cover above:

The text from the above ad is a lot of fun, so here's a readable version of just the text:

The below scans are of the Zingers article later in the magazine. I tried to keep them large enough to read the text. Some of the images are sideways on the page, I rotated them for you because it's a lot easier to rotate a magazine than your computer monitor :-)

And lastly, here is a page from later in the same magazine. Zingers had a ton of coverage in this one! According to the text for the below photo (which was on a separate page), this semi is a 1/24 scale replica of the "promotions semi" that was used to haul the feature cars to ICAS events. Too bad they didn't get a photo of this one next to the 1:1 version!