Deal's Wheels are models that were issued by Revell in 1970 and 1971. They were all designed by that funky artist Dave Deal. His artwork appears on the box covers and also in the instructions themselves. The kits were caricatures of cars and planes and almost all featured funky looking drivers and pilots. There were a total of 17 models in the series including 13 cars and 4 planes.

Many (if not all) of the original issues were reissued through the Revell Modeler's Club in the early to mid 70's. For the most part the kits are the same although the boxes were cardboard mailers with a decal of the original issue box top (with the Deal artwork) glued to one side and an envelope-type mailing label on the other side. There were some slight variations to the kits, I have tried to list them with the kit description where applicable.

In the early 80's, Revell re-issued several of the kits as "Funsters". For more information, check out my "Funsters" section on the Main Menu.

Revell also re-issued the Zzzzzzzz-28 ('95) and Van ('96) kits in their original molding colors and boxes under the SSP program. Last word from Revell was that they sold poorly and there are no current plans to re-issue any of the other kits.

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October, 1998: I finally purchased a Deal's Wheels Tirebird kit, the last Deal's kit that I didn't have. I thought life would be complete once I found them all, but I really need TWO of each now, or maybe 2 + 1 shrinkwrapped of each....