In the early 80's Revell re-issued 9 of the original Deal's Wheels models (7 of the cars and 2 planes) and called them Funsters. They tried to modernize the kits by adding funky graphic decals to change the look of the model (except for the planes which were exactly like the original issues except for the box). They were also cast in different colors than the originals. That great Dave Deal artwork on the boxes was ditched in favor of a picture of the completed model. Sadly, the instructions were also re-worked to look like the instructions you would find in any other kit (again, no Deal artwork!). The Funsters were issued in 2 phases, the "Funsters" and the "Funsters II", the latter included the Baron, Spitfire and Bug. The II versions seem to be much harder to find, so the Funster lineup was probably killed soon after the IIs came out.

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