06-05-10 I traded some emails with John Greczula at Round 2, he says there are currently no plans to reissue the Super Zingers but the Zingers are going to be released again this summer but in cool metalflake colors instead of white! Here's what he wrote regarding my question about what colors they may be molded in:

The plan for the Flake-O-Delic Zingers is that each one is available in 1 of 2 colors because the Zingers are tooled in pairs. Unless we block off one of the two to inject each one in a different color, there will be two colors for each. For example, the VW and Vette are in the same tool. If we inject in yellow for the VW, the Vettes will be yellow as well. If we inject in red for the Vette, the VWs will be red as well. So we'll have to run some in yellow and some in red. It may prove easier to do each in a separate color, I don't know for sure yet. 

He also said they are still working on the reissue of the Roadrunner and Coyote kits, so they are on the way!! A BIG "thank you" to Round 2 for bringing these back!

03-23-10 Update: Round 2 Models has reissued 7 of the 8 MPC Zinger models! Click the link below to go to their web site and order the models. At this time the VW has not been reissued, probably due to copyright issues. Revell ran into the same trouble when attempting to get licensing from VW to reissue the Bug Bomb. However, rumor has it that it will be coming out soon!



In the early 70's, MPC issued a line of caricature kits called Zingers that were based on a design by Denny Johnson. See "The First Zinger" under the Zinger menu  for a picture of the original Zinger. The kits consisted of a body that was sized and detailed to accurate scale with wheels/tires and an engine that were wildly out of scale to the body. The built kits were fairly small, about 4" long. After the Zingers came the Super Zingers, the same as Zingers in concept, but the overall scale was larger and there was a bit more detail. There were 2 Super Zingers issued.

There were 2 separate issues of the Zinger kits. The original issue boxes had artwork of the kits and were issued in the early 70's (price- 1.25!!). The 2nd issue came out in the mid-70's, and had photos of the finished models on the boxes instead of the artwork.

There were also full sized versions of many of the Zingers built for the show car circuit in the early 70's as can be seen in the pic above (many thanks to Harold!) I have a 1972 ICAS Hot Rod Show World annual that has a full color spread of  6 different full size Zingers, and are they awesome! The bodies are much smaller than the size of an actual vehicle, but the engines, wheels and tires are full-size components resulting in an engine to body scale ratio that is the same as the models. I don't think any of them actually ran, but hey, they're cool!

The show cars were built by two different builders as follows: Chuck Miller- Super Semi, VW, Vette, Super Van; Steve Tansy- Dune, Super Drag.

MPC also issued some kits that are very similar to the Zingers including one called the C.B. Freak and 3 kits that had the Road Runner and Coyote characters as the drivers. These kits are not Zingers, but I have included them in the list because they are so close and I get questions about them occasionally.

Click here to see the master list of the models.

Here are a few more scans, one is a Zinger ad and the other 3 are from a magazine article about the show cars mentioned above. Way cool!

Some of you may have heard of Mark Moriarty, he owns several original Ed Roth show cars as well as the 57 cHEVY Deal's Wheels show car. As if that's not enough, he also has the Zinger Rail! Below is a pic taken recently of it sitting in his garage.

And here are a few more cool pics of the full-sized show cars, the origin of these pictures is unclear but they might be from the old trading cards. Thanks to Bud on the Volksrod forums for letting me nab these!! Check out the quality of these show cars, whoever made them really put a lot of time in on them! Despite them being inoperable, they are definitely show quality as far as paintwork, detailing and craftsmanship goes. They are really beautiful.