Thanks to my friend Keith Chambers for lighting a fire under me to get some new Egg Plane stuff posted. Keith has sent me some pics of many of his nice built-ups, including the stylized shot above, which now will grace these pages. I have more of these kits than I care to admit, but my collection is eclipsed by Keith's mondo collection. Hopefully between the 2 of us we will eventually be able to supply a library worth of photos of these! To give Keith due credit, I have listed his models under a seperate menu.

The oldest of these kits date back to 1976 and were issued by Hasegawa, but under the more "American" name Kitty Hawk. The box art also looks quite Americanized. The newer models I have date as recently as 1997 and have decidedly Japanese artwork and lettering as you will see in the photos. There were several issues in between. I instantly fell in love with the caricature look of these kits, it is humorous to see vehicles that are normally quite streamlined rendered in the shape of an egg. The scale on the boxes is listed as "grade A jumbo", and the models are, in fact, about the size of an egg.

Click here to see the list of models I have posted.