The Road Runner and Coyote models

Possibly the oddest models MPC ever came up with were these difficult-to-classify creations. Their out-of-scale wheels and motors have always said "Zinger" to me, so that's why I've got them here :-) MPC never identified them as Zingers though. There are 3 versions as pictured below. All are snap-together kits molded in several colors and all come with a posable figure just as the box tops show. They also came with peel-and-stick decals.

Round 2 Models is planning on reissuing all 3 of these kits which is great news indeed as they are extremely rare and go for crazy prices on eBay (I've seen a single kit go for over two hundred bucks, ouch!)


Road Runner and his Rail Rider!  

Sort of a locomotive, but with a car motor and wheels/ tires. Very unusual and interesting!

Road Runner and the Beep Beep T!

T buckets traditionally have big motors anyway, but this one seems to have gotten the Zinger treatment with it's HUGE motor, big wheels and mondo spoiler! The box on this one is quite faded, but I counted myself lucky to get one at all, they very rarely come up on eBay.

Wile E. Coyote and the Wile E. Willys!

Now this one says Zinger for sure, remove the Coyote from the rear and it would fit right in with the Zingers. The included decals are as shown on the box cover- brightly colored flames and a little side panel mural of the coyote chasing the road runner.