I've always loved the ol' Snoopster and Monogram produced several fun kits in the early 70's of Snoopy with various modes of transportation. All of the models were battery powered and animated, and were snap together kits molded in a few colors so that painting wasn't required.


In my opinion, this is the best of the animated kits. The working mechanism is absolute genius! I bought this kit as a non-working builtup. I disassembled it, got it working again (cleaned up all the components and soldered the connections), cleaned up all the plastic and reassembled it. The flowers on his trunks and his collar were stickers and they were peeling, so I pulled them off and painted the details back on to match the stickers. The animation is awesome, the surfboard tips up and down as if riding the waves and when it hits the down position, Snoopy spins in circles! Very cool!!


This started out as 2 seperate incomplete and broken kits. I tore them down, disassembled and cleaned the motor to get it running again, then polished all the metal components that supply the juice. I buffed out and waxed the body, added Bare Metal Foil (gold on the windshield, chrome on the steering wheel spokes, wheel hubs and goggle lenses), painted and drybrushed Snoopy and the interior of the car. The exhaust is buffable metalizer (magnesium) and the base is black with grey and white drybrushed on. The animation is neat on this one too, as the rear wheels turn, Snoopy moves his head back and forth. The base raises the rear tires slightly so that the car can be run while stationary. The front wheels can be turned so that the Snoopster will do circles on the floor.