Baja Humbug!

This kit was unknown to me as a kid. It was great to experience a "new" Deal's Wheels model after all these years. It's molded in slightly translucent dark blue with silver metalflake. The decal sheet includes a decal for stars that go across the driver's helmet. Dave Deal was big into Baja racing and actually drew a caricature of himself on the side flap cursing as his buddy drives off in their racer while Dave is trying to pump gas into it!

UPDATE 08-2007: I finally got around to building one of these! This was a glue-bomb purchased off of eBay. It was very poorly painted, but complete and pretty easy to disassemble. This particular model is why I ended up buying an Alps printer, I needed to create some repro decals in order to restore this. All of the decals were made using my Alps printer. I added a few extra decals for fun as well.

Elsewhere on my site (under "Trivia") is a picture of a VW wheel that was designed by Dave back in the 60's, the wheels on the Baja Humbug model are actually made to look like his 1:1 wheel design.

One of the headlight lenses on this model was completely fogged over due to the builder using far too much cement to glue the lens into place. I was worried about that as only this kit and the Glitter bug use these headlights, so they don't exactly grow on trees. I started working on the lens and much to my surprise was able to clean it up quite well. I used a Ryobi hand tool with a polishing attachment to hog out the excess cement, then used a model polishing kit to remove the scratches and make the lens clear again. A final coat of Future floor polish had it looking normal again.

The motor looked too shiny, so I stripped the chrome off and painted it with Gunze Dark Iron buffable metalizer. Then I painted the heads in Gunze Chrome Silver and then applied an ink wash to the reveals in the heads. The distributor & wires are from a pre-wired kit I bought off of eBay. My daughter Alex likes the eyes over the back window because it makes the window look like a big mouth :-)

Here you can see the gauge & stereo decal that I offer on the decals page. The gauges have a white face with red needles and chrome bezels.

This is such a neat little kit, I always liked it but after building it and seeing it's proportions I really love it now! It has a really high cute factor and has many great details like that wonderful roof-mounted air cleaner! Hopefully this kit will be reissued some day, I'd love to build another and weather it like it just finished a desert race.