Whew, do I collect a lot of stuff or what? As far as I know, I am the one and only soul in all of America that collects these cool little guys. If you've been over my site, you know I have a soft spot for cartoony stuff, and these fit the bill. These Bomberman models were strictly Japan issues. They are modeled after the famous video game of the same name.

These particular versions are models made by Takara, they stand around 3" tall when complete. There were several series of them issued over a number of years. The ones pictured above are series IV, and have tiny little bombermen (or monster) pilots that go into the cockpits and can be removed. The little pilots are about 3/4" tall. The models are extremely well molded and have very colorful decal sheets. They also have triggers on the back that shoots a marble out of the stomach! The big one pictured in the middle  (7" tall) is actually 3 smaller kits that join together into a big mech. It's very cool, the body panels move around and 2 seperate units become the legs while the 3rd is the torso. All 3 have pilots and shoot marbles even in the joined mode.

I also have several from series V that are cool because they can transform from mech units into little tanks, cars, jets & stuff similar to transformers. Some of them also transform into big mechs. There are well over a hundred different variations of these little kits, including a rare limited edition I just laid my hands on molded in translucent plastic colors!!!

Update: below are 2 pics of the translucent kits I mentioned above. This 1st pic shows them in their "Ridemode"  (according to the side of the box) where they are transformed into creature-type vehicles with Bomberman drivers. the 2nd pic is the giant mech mode where they all combine to one massive mech! There's also a 3rd mode called "Armormode" . I'll get around to a pic of that one of these days.