Bug Bomb!

Oh yeah! Deal at his best! What an awesome rendering this is. Strangely enough, on the side flap of some of the other models, this kit was referred to as the "Bug Out". That funky looking scoop on the trunk lid is a tachometer.

 --UPDATE- the strangeness continues- see below--

Bug Out!?!?!?

No one I've talked to (including Deal) knows why, but there were two issues of this model, Bug Bomb (see top) and Bug Out (see above). The kits are nearly identical, but all occurrences of the word "Bomb" are replaced with "Out" on the 2nd version. Actually I don't know which came 1st, but I'd guess it was Bomb because the "Out" text doesn't look right on the box. Too much space to the right of the word whereas "Bomb" fills the whole space nicely. I do know the "Out" version is much more rare and difficult to find. If I were to venture a guess, I'd say that Revell ran into trouble with the Topper Company who was making the Johnny Lightning Bug Bomb diecast car at around the same time. They may have contacted Revell about possible copyright infringement and Revell chose to change the model name to Bug Out late in the production run.

Above is a model that came with an original Deal's Wheels store display I bought. It was a factory build-up, but was in terrible shape. The wheels were glued on (no axles), the tach, exhaust, hood handle, mirror, etc. were missing. These are so hard to find that I didn't have spare parts for it. I scratch-built the mirror, tach face, hood handle and stinger exhaust all from styrene. The license plate I generated in Autocad and mounted to card stock. The  license bracket is also scratch built from styrene.

The cardboard display itself is in good shape. The seller claims that the display only came with the Bug Bomb, it is likely true as I have another store display that only came with one model. I have pictures of the various store displays posted under  "Store display" from the Deal's Wheels main menu.