The BIG Deal and friends!

Is this a great pic or what? Mr. Deal made these 3 heads to go in some show cars that were built in the early 70's by a man named Jim Allen. The show cars were based on the Deal's Wheels models. If you're an aficionado, the heads should be instantly recognizable from the models, but I'll let you try to figure out which ones they are!

The cars that Mr. Deal are leaning on are his personal rides from the era. Here's his description: "the car on the right is my Porsche spyder. and the one on the left of the pic. is my Meyer' Manx SR with Porsche 911 engine that I constructed and drove for 12 years."

This is a picture of one of the original show cars built by Jim Allen, the Zzzzzz-28 lookalike. Thanks to Jim Kampmann for this scan from a vintage Hot Rod magazine. A new piece of info I got from Dave Deal is that there were 4 show cars (I previously thought there were 3). The 4th was a Swine Hunt lookalike and shot out a CO2 powered cork at the show every 15 minutes!