Dave Deal- Deal's Wheels rough artwork

Thanks to the Big Deal for once again making the event of a lifetime come true for me! Dave made available to me nearly all of his original artwork roughs for the Deal's Wheels series. There are many pieces in the set, I have ordered a special album designed to keep them perfect, for eons hopefully! When I get the album, I will be placing all the artwork on pages and will use that opportunity to take photos of everything.

Until then, the above sketch is just one I grabbed off the top of the stack. Most of the sketches are more detailed than this one. Dave gave me permission to post these, but of course all copyrights belong to him. He wanted me to point out that these are roughs, the conceptual sketches that he laid down to get some ideas on paper. These are not the sort of thing that the general public would ever see, but I think that makes them even more fascinating. It's a glimpse into his incredible mind and amazing talent, he can lay things down so quickly and still convey the concept clearly.

Some of the sketches are recognizable as the Deal's Wheels we all know and love and others (like the one above) are sketches of ideas that never made it into production. These will give you an idea of what may have been had Revell not pulled the plug on the series back in the early 70's.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

UPDATE 07-08-01: I have placed all the artwork safely in an album and have started taking pictures of them. Please forgive the slight glare on some of the pics, this is due to the glossy protector sheets over each piece of art. To navigate the pages of artwork, please select a page from the "Models-Artwork" category on the "Deal's Wheels" menu bar.