Deal's Wheels based show car!

How is this for wild? This is a vintage show car built in the 70's. It recently changed hands and the new owner gave me permission to post these shots. There is a little more information on these cars under the "Dave Deal & friends" menu, but basically there were four show cars built by Jim Allen that were based on the Deal's Wheels kits. They all had full drivetrains and could actually be driven! I can only imagine what kind of reaction this would get from John Q. Public as it rolled down the street!

UPDATE 02-05- The show car changed hands again and was posted on eBay. The auction closed having not met the reserve, bidding got up to 9100.00. Rumor has it the asking price was around 20k. Here are some pictures from the auction:

Here is the description that was posted with the auction:

WOW!!! Here it is -- the ACTUAL car that was built for Revell to showcase their Dave Deal, Deals Wheels Model Kits!

Revell had this 1957 Chevrolet, a 1970 Z-28, and the Swine Hunt built for the show car circuit.

This WILD RIDE is built on a hand-made 2-3/4" stock boxed frame. Frame is quality construction and shows some beautiful welds. It is painted the original black.

Body measures 135" long, 55" wide, and 54" tall.

It is molded in heavy fiberglass.

Car retains its original yellow lacquer Morno paint with red and yellow pearl. Body has never been touched other than waxing. There are chips and flaking with spider webbing here and there. The worst is at the rear due to body going up and down to drive. Except for described flaws, body is as it was when new.

The roof has some puckering from body shrinking after it was popped out of mold. At shows, they would place a point of purchase on top of the roof.

Plexiglass windshield and rear window are also original.

The chromed pieces: wheels, rear axle housing, drive shaft, interior pedals, straight wheelee bars, axle suspension, leaf springs, spinner bar, oil pan, headlight bezels, and misc. nuts and bolts need to be re-plated for show!

Nothing has ever been apart. Body tilts back like a funny car to let the driver in.

Engine is a Chevrolet 265 with Corvette valve covers and single barrel carburetor.

Blower is just for show.

There are no internals, but belt does spine, and there is a slight whine.

Radiator and battery are located in the rear of car.

4-speed Muncie transmission with a Mr. Gasket shifter put power to the stubby drive shaft then to the rear end.

One vintage Stewart Warner oil pressure gauge and, recovered bucket seats, and a small steering wheel are about all the interior features.


The tin which enclosed the interior should be refabricated or polished, as it's very dull from years of neglect.

Driving is insane but draws a crowd. You have just about zero turning radius!

"As is" the car is an attention getter. With a proper restoration, this vehicle would be a show stopper! Car was going to be placed in a theme restaurant, but city code prohibited that. So, here it is.

Car can be seen with 24 hours notice. It is stored 30 miles south of Chicago.

Please e-mail any and all questions.

Winner needs to pay in full within 10 days. No creative financing please!

I can deliver for an additional fee.

Car will be sold on a bill of sale. There is NO title.

Just to close, please bid knowing that this is a REAL car that "as is" is not a show winning car. You are buying a running, driving rare oddity which needs to be restored to be perfect!