Deal's Wheels Trivia!

This will be a page for misc. items that might be of interest but don't have a home on the other pages...

05-2007- Here's an interesting blurb Dave emailed me regarding some studies he did for Revell way back when:

"Looking at your site, re: Snoopy. Did you know that Revell proposed ( had me make several models with snoopy and woodstock in them?) I stilll have them. Maybe I should clean them up and photograph them for your site. The idea didn't fly because the Snoopy master licence holder wouldn't waver on his 10% royalty. figure.

10% was Revell's max royalty figure and that didn't even leave a small pittance for me.

They were: a Van, Baja Bug, Newport scout.

Little bit of Deal'sWheels history for you."

And here's another cool piece of Deal's Wheels trivia, it turns out that back in the 60's Dave designed a custom mag wheel for Volkswagons. It was prototyped, but never went into production. Recently a VW magazine journalist talked Dave into letting him get the wheel out, clean it up and photograph it. Once the photos started making the VW forum rounds, people wanted that wheel design! A company is now producing them, an example of their finished product is below:

Now for the Deal's Wheels tie-in, it turns out that Deal worked this same design into some of the models, if you look closely at the Bug Bomb or Baja Humbug wheels, they are this same wheel in micro size! Cool!