Deal's Wheels Variations!


It doesn't get much stranger than this! This is a Polistil car dated 1985 and is obviously a reuse of the Kaputt Buggy body. Like its brother, this one is diecast metal with some plastic parts (engine, headlights, taillights, etc.). Unlike it's brother, this one has a wild little alien driver named Snorky as well as his sidekick which appears to be an octopus. It also has hollow plastic tires instead of the solid rubber ones on the Kaputt. Many thanks to Christophe in Belgium for selling it to me.

Plastic Stink Ray??

Here's an odd variation from David Potter's collection. It is quite heavily influenced by the Stink Ray, but was more than likely an unauthorized production. It is around 2" long and made of plastic.

Plastic Zzzzzzz-28??

Another strange one, bears a striking resemblance to the Zzzzz-28.