"Eggs-Wing" X-wing fighter!!

I received these pictures of a way-cool resin custom from the designer (Vince). Here is the email he sent:


I happened upon your site through a fellow model builder and I thought you'd be interested in an egg-plane kit that I'm currently producing. It's called the "Eggs-Wing" X-wing. Anyway, here's a link to where its being sold...


ps, I've included a few extra pictures for you.

Great site by the way!


I exchanged some emails with Vince and he later sent additional pictures of his way-cool Egg Star:

Egg Star!!

"Hello Tres

I'm glad you like it, and you'll be very impressed with the casting quality as well! I released an Egg-Star 2 years ago, which I'm in the process of getting produced again. The Egg Star was based on the L'Eggs panty hose egg, so you have an idea of how large it is... I'll see if I can find pics of it for you.

I don't have any more egg planes planned for the immediate future, but I've been tossing around ideas of an Egg-Celsior (Star Trek) and a Star Destroyer... obviously superdeformed :) I think the Egg Destroyer is more in the front of my mind since I'm a Star Wars fan at heart :)

Enjoy the model and please let me know what you think of it! Feel free to post all pictures and commentary on your website


Thanks for the pics aind info Vince!! These are really cool and I hope to see your future projects make it to reality as well :-)