"Black Bunny" F-14!

Keith has been thinking about this one for quite some time, he finally brought it to fruition. Here are his comments:

"I decided not to use the drop tanks or the landing gear on the Black Bunny F-14. I felt it detracted from the sleek look I wanted for it. I also added a set of exhausts from another scale kit so it would look a little faster. Does it work for you? The decals were from the DML/Dragon F-14 Black Bunny in 1/144 scale but, it took two sets to get everything I needed. The pilots are from the scrap box and I made molds of one and cast the extra for this kit. The control panel decals needed some color and I dabbed a little Tamiya clear red, green, and yellow on them for color. The kit has three coats of clear over the decals. Overall, it was a fun project and one that was glad to get behind me since I have been planning it for over a year. My Next project will be to build a F-18 Blue Angels set in formation. I will also be building an F-4 Blue Angel and a USAF F-16 Thunderbird flying formation. The decals will be ready soon for all of them and available to everyone. I hope it sparks new interest in the Eggplanes. I believe other builders will get pumped when they see there are options other than the old factory decals."

Very nice work Keith! We look forward to seeing your future projects!