Many thanks to Al Trendle, the President of Minicraft Models, Inc. for passing these really cool Eggs on to me! These definitely qualify as one of a kind as they were built for Minicraft catalog photo shoots. I need to do a little resto work on them, as can be seen in the pics some of the pieces are loose or missing but I wanted to go ahead and post them.

Also thanks to Keith Chambers for taking the below pic of his '81 Minicraft catalog which clearly shows the 2 planes in the above pic as well as some other wacky build-ups!

Below are 2 more Eggs I picked up from Mr. Trendle. The Mig obviously has a paint job very similar to the one in the above catalog, possibly they decided to change the color scheme for the final shoot. The other is an Eggocentrics model that also may have appeared in a catalog.