Custom Eggplanes from Jeff Dedrick- Page 2

Here is page 2 of Jeff's customs. Descriptions below each pic are courtesy of Jeff.

Be sure to scroll down the page, there are 3 different photos on each of 2 pages.


This one is called "Pardon the Eggtrusion". The SAM is scratch built out of plastic and  the smoke is of cotton. The decals are by Microscale. The base is a photocopy of a picture over Nam out of a book.


The Mig has a scratch-made gun and cannon up front. The barrels are made of aluminum, the pilot is made from resin ( for the planes that don't have pilots, I make my own pilots out of cast resin).


I call this "Check my What???" I made this one for a friend of mine. He was on the U.S.S RANGER during the Gulf War. He worked on F/14's as an aircraft engineer with VF-2 the BOUNTY HUNTERS.The display includes an F/14 done up in VF-2 paint scheme, it took awhile to find all the right decals and cut and trim to fit.  The F/18 and F/16 are done up in TOP GUN paint schemes.

Jeff also sent the following general comments:

All my Eggs are painted like their big brothers, I have researched from books and photographs. They are all painted with an air brush and have Microscale decals. I have spent over $150.00 on decals so my Eggs can come to life.

Very nice work Jeff, hope to see more of these killer dioramas in the future!!