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Funny Bug (Bug Bomb custom)!!

I just love this little custom! Chuck brought together a unique blend of spare parts and resin cast pieces to create something very unique, and way cool! Here is Chuck's description of it off of Coffin Corner:

"This is a stretched Deals Bug Bomb with a 70's issued Zinger engine and a set of Joe D's Carrol tires on the front and bunny's on the rear .. I casted the tail lights, rear view mirror, front headlight buckets, front turn signals, drivers torso and head, scratch built the drivers platform, scratchbuilt wheelie bars (as long as the car), scratchbuilt running boards and added 1/8 scale Big "T" decals to the dash .. Chassis is from a reissued Deals '57 Chevy. Custom made decals were made for the "RAID" sponsorship decals as well as "FunnyBug" decal (permission from Paul Canney was given to use his eBay ID name). Paint is House of Kolors Kandy Green over HOK Orion Silver base, Urethane clear coat with HOK micro-rainbow flake added to the first coat clear, then 4 additional coats hand polished... "

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