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Li'l Herbie!!

Chuck bought this as a ratted out glue bomb on eBay and converted it into the beauty you see here! Here are some comments Chuck posted on Coffin Corner about it:

"Started it's life on eBay and was missing a ton of parts including 1/2 of an inside tire that I casted from the other side, and again with the help of a couple C.C. Klowns I was able to make molds of other missing parts and cast them to complete it .The rear view mirror was moved from the fender and placed on the driver's side a pillar (thanks Keith for the tip).. the mirror stantion was made from aluminum tubing and shaped to fit.. the mirror was from an old die cast Rolls Royce I stripped for parts which also received the Alclad...Also the small bumperette "loops" were missing so I scratch built them from evergreen.. The gauges are from the Big "T" and the little billet shifter was from the parts box ."


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