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Fletch sent in pics of this sweet McLapper build last year and I'm finally getting around to posting it! He salvaged it from a partial eBay kit and will be adding decals as soon as I can get a set to him :-) Here's his description:

"The Mclapper model was found on ebay as an incomplete kit. I just grabbed some wheels and tires from the parts box to make it whole. It did not have decals so it is just plain orange for now. I redid the rear end to more favorably match a real McLaren. The two panels that said "go" were replaced with body color panels with louvers. The two attachment points for the exhaust should really be where the stop lights go so that is what I did using more spare parts and I put the exhaust tips down below the rear panel where they belong. The rear view mirrors each had a huge sink hole where the mirror should be. I just used a paper punch for two circles of styrene and covered them in bare metal foil for a perfect little mirror. "


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