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Glitter Bug

Randy wrote a nice story to go along with his pics, so I'll give it to you w/o editing:

"My Deal's Glitter Bug was built from an already-started Revell Model Club kit...the original owner had painted the body a flat dark green, so the body was stripped down to the metallic green plastic it was molded in, buffed and polished with steel wool and painted Testors Boyd's lime metalflake straight against the plastic, producing a pretty authentic-looking Myers Manx Dune Buggy color. The chassis is painted with Pactra Flat metallic silver...a color which, sadly, is out of production. All the chrome parts were stripped, sanded and polished to remove the sprue marks and replated by Chrome Tech, Inc. The front tires were narrowed one tread width to make them fit under the car a bit better, while the rear tires are stock.

Glitter Bug Closeup

The driver is painted in Tamaya watercolor paint, (I highly recommend this paint, by the way...great stuff!) and his face is highlighted with drybrushed pastels to give his cheeks and nose some subtle sun-kissed color. His goggles were painted Testors Model Master rubber, and the lenses were painted silver on the backs and Tamaya clear green on the fronts, so that they appear to be tinted sunglasses...which, as you can see, are perched on top of the driver's head, as I am not about to hide the driver's eyes and half his face after all the work I put into him! The kit is one of my favorite Deal's kits, and I think it turned out real nice. I love having this little gem in my collection."

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