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Baja Humbug!!

Keith has been churning out beautiful Deal's Wheels creations at an impressive pace, here is his newly completed Baja Humbug!

Here is a description from Keith:

Are you ready for a new Deal's Wheels Baja Humbug? "BLING!" I have been waiting on the chrome pieces to come back from Chrome Tech USA and they finally came last week. As soon as they came back I started finishing the Baja. Yes, it was an Ebay glue bomb when I started it. I find it almost sacrilegious to build one from the box as high as they are getting. I had the engine, lights, breather, stacks, hoses, and front axle plated by Bob. He did an outstanding job. The engine was wired and some of the parts painted to give them contrast and color. The alternator and timing pulley were painted to match the car and tie the engine and car together. Some work on the chrome pieces after I got them back was actually difficult because of the glare from the light reflecting on them! The Rear wheels were taken from a 1/20 Hard Hat Hauler kit. The front wheels are from the rear of a gasser kit but, I don't remember which one off hand. I wanted to give the driver a more enthusiastic look and removed the face of J.P. McFarkle from the helmet and replaced it with the driver from the zzzzZZ-28 kit. The steering wheel and hands were from a spare '57 cHEVY. The dash was painted to match the outside of the Baja and dry transfer dials were added to the dash. The interior was painted gray and flocking was applied before the head and hands were added. The gear shifter is a large pearl-like bead that fits perfectly in the palm of his hand and the shaft is a short piece of piano wire. I wanted this Baja to look different and painted it a base coat of metallic gold before applying a couple of coats of Boyd Coddington's Orange Pearl. Since I didn't have decals for the kit, I got in touch with Keven Ellis from BAD HABIT DECALS in Canada and I have to give him accolades for helping me out. Keven and I collaborated on reproduction decals for several of the Deal's Wheels kits and I will have to say they were outstanding. The rest is the finished product and I can't wait to get started on the next one. Here's pictures I took today.


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