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57 cHEVY!!

Rob Riley sent in some pics of his wonderful "restomod" of the 57 cHEVY that he created mostly from spare parts! Here's a description Rob sent along with it:

"I'd like to send you these pics. of my Deals Wheel's 57 Chevy. This is an original (molded in yellow), but all I had were the windows, the body, the driver's head, and his right arm to start with.

I used other parts from my parts box to get this together.

The rear slicks & rims are from a Creepy T monster rod kit. Front tires & rims are from a 1:20 scale Popcorn Wagon show rod. I made the straight axle in the front out of some parts box leaf springs, and a piece of small steel rod. This car has a full chassis under it, with a quick change rearend, and long ladder bars. The chassis is a shortened Willys chassis from my parts box. I added some chrome radius rods to the front axle (which are from a 1:20 scale Chuck Wagon showrod kit). There is a full interior , with a narrowed 57 Chevy dash, and a bench seat. I made a tall shifter out of chrome small diameter steel rod, and a real rubber shifter boot. I put the driver's head directly on the seat using a straight pin, so his head will move side to side. The triple stacked blowers are from the same Creepy T kit that the rear slicks came off of, and the scoop is from a Polar Lights Snap Draggin kit. I made up a fuel rail to go on the side of the injector, and I ran a single fuel line to it. The oversized moon tank in the front is from a Tom Daniels Beer Wagon kit, and was one of the gas tanks hanging off the side of it. I did not have the original rear bumper, so I narrowed a 1:25 scale 57 Chevy bumper, and shaped it to fit the body as best as I could. The molded in door handles and locks had been shaved off, so I added some small chrome door handles to it. I also added some shortened chrome bullets to the hood from a 1:25 57 Chevy kit. I think the headlights came from the same 1:25 57 Chevy kit...not sure. I made the oversized fenderwell headers out of a set of 1:18 scale die cast muscle machine pipes. I made up filler panels to go in behind the front fenderwells to hide the vacant engine compartment and painted them flat black. The body was painted with testors yellow, and lots of clear. I painted the trim silver, and the inserts gloss white.

I just finished building this in Jan. 2007.

Right now I have a Zzzzz-28 in the works, which will become a spoof version of the "Grumpy's Toy" Camaro pro-stocker. The Zzzzz-28 was a pretty bad glue bomb when I started working on it, but it's coming along nicely.

Thanks for taking time to read this, and viewing my pictures."

Thank you for sending them in Rob! Outstanding work! We look forward to seeing your Zzzzzz rendition!

UPDATE 08-2007: Below are pictures of the Grumpy-themed Zzzzz-28 that Rob recently completed. Rob's are the first custom decals I've done for anyone that have made it onto a completed model and he really does them justice on his great-looking Z!

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