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Yes, yours truly has FINALLY gotten around to contributing something to the Gallery! With Revell having reissued the Baron and Zzzzzz-28 kits, I bought plenty of extras of both. After building a relatively "stock" Z for the DW pages, I started working on this one which originally was a father-son project with Logan. He's a little young for this though, so he quickly lost interest. I kicked around the idea of putting a bigger motor in, then started eyeing a Baron kit I had sitting nearby.... and here's where that ended up :-) The Baron motor is actually installed backwards from how it gets oriented in the plane, I did this to have a flat surface on front to mount the blower belt to (the pulley/ belt piece is off an old junker Ferd built-up). It also left a nice shelf on the back for mounting the Detail Master distributor and a scratch-built ignition coil to. Getting the motor to sit right was the most time-consuming part of this. It required a lot of chassis and motor trimming in addition to tinkering with the hole in the hood. The scoop is the Baron scoop with a couple of butterflies added to the front. They were made with a hole punch and some thin styrene sheeting which was then foiled. The paint is the new House of Kolor rattle can "flip" paint. There are 2 coats of black HOK base, 2 coats of the purple-blue-green flip paint and 2 coats of HOK clear. After the paint cured I applied the stripes and then added 1 coat of Future. It's hard to capture the color shifting in photos, I tried to take several angles so you can get the idea. The colors are really cool looking, constantly changing as you move around the model. The ignition wires and looms came with the distributor kit. The interior roll bar is made out of solder bent to shape. The interior is flocked in black. The windshield was tinted with Tamiya translucent acrylic yellow and the exhaust pipes are painted with "burnt metal" Testors metalizer with flat black interiors. The "Remove Before Flight" ribbon was a last second addition, I just Googled it and found one, then resized the picture and printed it out on paper.

It was a lot of fun putting this together, now I'm looking at the leftover Baron kit and contemplating what kind of wacky custom I can turn that into :-)

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