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Der Baron and his Four (huh?) Winged Funfdecker Fokker!!


After completing the Zzzzzz-28 custom that I just recently posted, I was left with a Baron kit with no hemi motor. I had been perusing a cool online forum called and was fascinated with the lowered VWs with flat black paint and German iron cross markings. So, this Baron is a tribute to the cool Volksrods out there :-) Originally I was going to make this a triplane, but after mocking it up it looked better with 4 wings instead of 3. This gave it a lower look while still maintaining the original spacing between the wings. The landing gear was shortened about 1/4" which ended up being the most complicated work on this whole project; I cut the hubs off, cut the struts and then glued it all back together at the shorter length. Lots of trial fitting, filling, sanding, etc. was required to get the gear to fit right. The wheels are some spare R/C wheels out of the parts bin and the wheel covers are made from sheet styrene that was slit and overlapped to give it that "pointy" look of the original Dr1 wheel covers. The plane is painted in Tamiya flat black and clearcoated with Testors flat. All of the chrome was stripped and the cowling was finished in Boyd's yellow over a white base coat. The motor,  prop, guns, wheel covers,  struts, tail wheel and pilot's helmet are all finished in various buffable metalizers by Testors and Gunze Sangyo. The kit comes with a chrome monocle, but the box art and instructions show the Baron with a clear monocle through which you can see his eye. So I painted his eyes, then applied Micro Krystal Klear over his right eye to simulate a monocle lens (hard to see in the pictures). The prop tips were covered in gold Bare Metal foil and that is the only shiny bit on the whole plane, I didn't want any chrome on it!

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