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I know what you're thinking, when did Revell make THIS Deal's Wheels kit?? They didn't, this comes from the creative mind of Jim Johnson! Jim's reputation precedes him, he was partnered with Jim Kapmann in a company called "The Good Stuff" and they used to crank out some awesome resin kits. A line of their resin creations was picked up by Polar Lights and became the popular Snap Draggins line. They decided to close the company to free themselves up for other pursuits, but luckily for us Jim is still quite an active model builder. If you haven't checked out his "Ice Tease" and "Speedo Bandito" customs over on "Dave's Show Car Rally", then take a break right now and go have a look, they're awesome!!  They're done in the style of the original Monogram Snap Draggins. Jim has been devoting time lately to some models that are very much in the character of the Deal's Wheels line including the pictured Roadrunner. I don't normally post unfinished projects, but this was too cool not to share! It's rumored that Jim has a few more in the skunkworks I for one look forward to seeing what else he comes up with!


Added 09-2007: Jim is still cranking them out, check out his killer Cuda below!! He has a couple of hood options for this one including an AAR configuration and a Hemi Shaker hood. Awesome!

Jim has also amassed a nice collection of original Deal's Wheels kits, below is a Zzzzz-28 he built a while back.

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