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A Deal's Wheels tribute


After finishing the GTO Judge "tribute" recently, I jumped right into this one. I owned a 1:1 '69 Cougar Eliminator for about 10 years, so this is a subject near-and-dear to me! This started as a 1/25 scale AMT kit. Construction was very similar to the GTO, I cut up the AMT kit as well as a Zzzzzz-28 and combined them into this. Here's a picture that kind of shows how the various pieces were joined together, this is just before the lengthy process of filling & sanding was started:

Parts from the Z donor include the interior pan, driver and tires & wheels. I added some scratch-built shades to the driver for grins. The chassis was modified so the tires could tuck in, I also narrowed the rear wheels/ tires by about 1/4" to get them completely within the body. The front and rear spoilers are scratch-built from sheet styrene (the donor kit parts didn't have the right "cartoony" proportions). The hood scoop is from the donor kit with extensions added to it to make it taller. The windshield is from the Z donor while the rear window was cut out of the Cougar donor parts. Both were tinted with Tamiya "Smoke". The body was shot in Boyd's pearl blue. I ran off custom decals on my Alps printer for the side stripes, interior gauges, license plates, the chrome "Cougar" emblems, side marker lights and even the tire bunnies. I do have another "tribute" planned, it will be a Buick GSX. The great thing about these DW tributes is there is plenty of subject matter, and you don't have to bid hundreds of dollars on eBay to get a kit for one of these :-)

Here's a comparison shot showing the Cougar and Judge sitting with the Zzzzz-28. These tributes are identical in size to the "real" Deal's Wheels as you can see.

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