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& RANDY KOGER (Driver)


This fine machine was a joint venture project between Michael and Randy and based on the results, they work well together! Michael provided the story to go with this model, here are his comments:

"When the Van kit was released by Revell in the SSP reissue program it came as a complete surprise...I had only just begun to discover and build the Deal's kits, and I wasn't aware that this kit ever existed, so I was delighted to see it return to the store shelves. (Sadly, it also marked the end of the Deal's kits we saw reissued...and just as things were getting interesting!)

During the time the Van kit graced my workbench - about a year of working on the model, on and off - numerous ideas for painting and modifications were considered, rejected and reconsidered, with the final build up being a product of the following alterations and procedures:

The Van body is box stock, save for the sunroof cut into the top, over the Randy proceeded with the painting on the driver it became increasingly apparent that all his detail work was going to be lost in the cramped cab of the car, so a sunroof seemed a natural solution to the problem. The sunroof not only provides some visual interest and draws the viewer's eye to the front of the Van, but allows the driver to be much more apparent as well. And part of the charm and fun of the Deal's kits, for me at least, is the drivers, so I wanted to make sure that you could see this one.


The interior of the Van sports a scratchbuilt speedometer (capable of recording a blistering 15 mph, with the tach redlining at about 750 rpm!), a flowered hippie curtain made from a Barbie skirt, and various tools, model boxes and a teensy yellow rubber duckie.

The kit's surfboards are stock, and are painted in Testors Sable brown and Stoplight amber, with the decal on the brown board being from the SSP issue of the Chrysler customizing kit and the AMT Double Dragster kit reissue providing the flame decals for the amber board. (It was necessary to airbursh Testors "square bottle" orange over the forward 1/4 of the board to hide the split in the flame decal and make it appear that the flames had been custom painted onto the board.)

The bumpers in the kit were not used, and were replaced with a strip of wood, sanded and stained and mounted with pins. The body of the van was painted in Boyd's dark red painted over Boyd's white, and the two-tone paint job evokes the feeling and look of the vans that were so common on the roads in the late 60's and early 70's.

Finally, all the chrome was stripped, polished to remove any sprue marks and mounted and replated by Chrome Tech, USA. (The whip antenna was chromed as was intentionally left out of the photos during shooting.)

As with all the Deal's kits I build, I tried to add a few subtle touches that would enhance the kit without destroying the feel and spirit of Dave's original vision, and I think I was successful. And although the reissued kit is readily available, I don't see this kit built very often, so I hope that seeing the Van build-up will provide not only inspiration to Deal's kit builders, but enjoyment as well!"

Watch for more to come from Michael and Randy in the near future!

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