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Carol Wood in Australia sent in some photos of a couple of her amazing builds, this one in particular impressed me because as much as I love the Swine Hunt, it never crossed my mind that some of the other Deal's Wheels could be modified to a similar theme! I LOVE it! Here's a description Carol sent with the pics:

"Sgt. Rock Moss was inspired by my discovery that the US Army has its own racing team. This struck me as rather bizarre; what would a combat racer look like?  The answer is, a Funster Racer painted military green and armed with a 90mm machine cannon (really a truck exhaust from the parts box) and two car-to-car missiles (actually gas-bottles from an Italeri field toolshop kit, which also supplied the shovel, wrench, etc). The tail-lights on this car let it down somewhat, 'cos you can see the rear tyres thru' them. It looked stupid. I solved this problem by backing the transparencies with green foil from a candy bar; this also restores the "green go-lights" joke that the McLapper had."



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