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Bug Bomb Convertible!!

Keith has been hard at work on this particular project for quite a while! He had some setbacks along the way, but the end result is way cool! Here's Keith's description:

"Here's the first look at the finished Bug Bomb Convertible that I started, hmmm, two years ago? Since then, this weekend, I have added a driver from a Weird-ohs Beach Bunny from a blister pack, which was re-painted to better tone down the cartoon look a little.  This is an old glue bomb Bug Bomb that I couldn't get the windows out of without breaking the top. I salvaged the windshield and cut the top off to make a convertible. I used the boot from a Revell VW convertible along with it's dash. Very minor mods. The nerfs were from a Rubber Duck VW van kit. I also added a McLapper stack for the stinger exhaust, a side mirror, and nerf bumpers for that California look. But the bottom line is that it is done!!"


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