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Dynamic Dealio!!

The "Coffin Corner" forums at the "Dave's Show Car Rally" site has long been host to some really cool Deal's Wheels and Zingers build in addition to the mainstay Ed Roth and Tom Daniel kit builds. Jim has been contributing some great misc. builds there, but these Deal's Wheels creations that he posted there really got my attention! Here's Jim's description from Coffin Corner:

"The Batmo-Deal (or Bats Um) was done using a Tirebird. The rear exhausts are an extra set of front intakes. Some weird dragon squirtguns supplied the fins (reshaped). Batman's head is epoxy putty on the original driver (and a PVC batarang). Wheel bats are from the Polar lights Batmobile. No pinstriping this time (more 90ish).The Batsfire combines the reissued Spitsfire with reissued Batlplane wings, dremeled tail (the wheel fins are the Spitsfire tail pieces scalloped). Epoxy putty used to shape Rif Raf's head."

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