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Bob posts as "tooold" on the Coffin Corner message board and posted this awesome tribute to Oscar Koveleski! Here is his description from Coffin Corner:

This is my tribute to Oscar Koveleski who founded Auto World in 1958 . He raced at Lemans and Daytona for several owners and raced in the Can Am series with his own McLaren during the late 60's and 70's . In 1970 he founded the Polish Racing Drivers of America which is still going strong today .

My model is basically built right out of the box except for the wheels and tires . I made my own decals , made a new windscreen , a rollbar out of aluminum , added the taillights , and moved the exhaust to under the body . I also modified the driver a bit and added the little wing which Oscar actually raced with a couple of times !
I had lots of fun building this and I hope you all like it !

He has more photos posted on this thread on Coffin Corner, and he also posted some cool stuff that Oscar sent him on this thread.

Thanks go out to Bob for granting me permission to post this!

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