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Here is another jewel from Michael's collection. Here is what he writes about this beauty:

"The Zzzz-28 was issued in Monogram's SSP program very shortly after Randy and I had discovered Revell's Deal's Wheels kits, and I was delighted that the car was being re-released, eagerly buying two of the models the minute they hit the shelves of the local hobby store. Dave Deal's fantastic box art really captured the look and feel of this car, and made it look wonderful, but I soon discovered that the stock kit didn't sit at all like the car on the box cover, and the engine included with the kit looked nothing like the one shown in Dave's drawing. Not being deterred by this, I was determined to make the model look more like the box art car, which made the first order of business the task of lowering the car and tucking in all four tires to line them up more with the wheel wells, and to remove the splayed "rollerskate" stance that all the Deal's kits have. Consequently, the kit tires were narrowed by one tread width, then assembled (wheels had to be narrowed too) and mounted in axle holes drilled higher in the chassis to lower the car to proper cartoon proportions - I felt the car just sat too high if built straight from the box.

The bottom of the chassis was sanded smooth, and extensions were fitted between each front and rear tire. The 1/25th-scale oil pan, transmission, driveshaft, differential, front suspension and traction bars were all parts-box finds. Other chassis parts include aftermarket coilover shocks and half of a Deal's Super Spurt Chevelle gas tank, (painted Boyds Dark Yellow), with the frame rails and crossmembers being yellow Pactra RC tape. A copper-wire fuel line, two modified, custom-chromed Zzzz-28 exhausts and a lower radiator shroud, along with brass bolts for oil pan and differential drain plugs complete the under-car eye candy.

The interior boasts the kit's driver, custom painted by Randy, using Tamaya paints, and detailed in chalks and drybrushing. Included as well are photocopied dash gauges with lenses, a fire extinguisher, teensy model car magazines and a Revell 1/25th '69 Camaro dash emblem. Interior flooring is black Funny Fur, with the dashboard covered with masking tape trimmed and painted flat black, providing an amazing simulation of scale vinyl.

MV lenses were used in the taillights, with the front amber lights painted with Tamaya clear yellow, and set into drilled headlights with clear lenses. The grille screen is HO railroad material, and sports another Revell '69 Z-28 emblem. The low front spoiler is sheet styrene - and in true cartoon fashion, it's touching the ground, of course!

My original plans to build the car box stock changed drastically when about halfway through the building of the kit I discovered the tunnel ram in the Monogram 1/24th Chevelle. To this was added a set of Model Car Garage Holley Dominator carbs under a plated Polar Lights Snap Draggin scoop, making the engine as tall as the roof of the car, and successfully providing the engine with a different look from all the other Deal's kits on my shelf. And as with all the models I build, Deal's or otherwise, all the chrome (except the wheels in this case) was stripped, polished and mounted for replating by Chrome Tech, USA.

The body was by far the most work of the entire building process of this kit...the front and rear lower pans were superglued to the body, and what seemed like endless hours of filing were required to get the mating areas smooth and seamless. All the body surfaces were filed smooth, all sink marks filed flat and door, trunk and hood lines were scribed. The windshield and back-glass trim was hand scribed (the stock kit body has no trim molded on it) and Bare Metal foiled after painting. The body was painted Testors Boyds Orange Pearl over two coats of Boyds Pure White primer. Two sets of kit decals were combined to allow for extension of the stripes to the correct position on the car's nose. (The kit decals are too short to register properly.) After the paint dried about a week the body was buffed with polishing-grade steel wool and sprayed liberally with Boyds clear enamel. The paint was not polished out with a polishing kit, but rather was simply rubbed with model car wax.

I think my additions and subtle changes have done Dave's original vision of this kit proud, and I hope you enjoy seeing this little jewel of a build up from my collection...and if you have any questions or comments I would be happy to hear from you! "

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