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57  cHEVY

A big welcome to Scott who like many of us was an avid DW (and Zinger) collector when he was a kid, and is now reliving the experience! His first build after getting back into it was this very nice 57. Hopefully there will be more to come! Here is his description of the 57:

"I narrowed the rear as much as possible and sliced off a little of the outside ring of the rear tires to tuck the tires in as much as possible. The hole in the hood was opened up and I stuck in a 20th scale wired small block with hand made injector tubes (actually flared out by my girl friend at the time.) The engine was finished with better headers, and the interior got the head from the Tire Bird. I also kicked the front wheels forward as much as possible to reduce the overbite of the original design. The foiling took a LONG time. The paint is Boyd's yellow. You can see by the Bunny logo on the tires that this is an original issue."

Thanks for the submission Scott!

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