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Swine Hunt

Keith is a long time friend and has contributed a lot to my site, especially in the egg plane area. Keith has been collecting Deal's Wheels for quite some time as well and has an impressive collection. He finally carved out some time to build one, and what an incredible job he did! The detailing on this Swine Hunt is stunning, just let your eyes crawl over these pictures and see if you can take it all in! Then consider that this model started life as a clapped out glue bomb and you might come to appreciate just what Keith pulled off here! Absolutely amazing!!

Here is a description Keith provided of some of the work involved:

The rear wheels are from a Hard Hat Hauler. The fronts are from 1/25 hot rod rear wheels from my spares box. The crates are rein and the bags and fender sites are from a Sd.kfz 224 kit I picked up. The white balls on the fender sites are white and over coated with glow in the dark paint! He can see where he's going even in the dark! Ha ha The racks are from the spares box also. The red front lenses are MV lenses. The point on the helmet was made from a bead and a transmission shift stick from an old VW kit. The feathers came from a hobby and craft store and were split down the quill to get a flat surface to glue them to the helmet. The base coat was a Tamiya sand color. I weathered it with oil paints and over coated with an acrylic flat. I still need to use some chalk on the wheels and tires to get them toned down and take the shine off but I'm in no hurry to do that right now.

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