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Der Baron!!

UPDATE: Dave Deal by email proclaimed this build-up "killer", congrats to Keith for getting the Deal seal of approval with this beauty :-)

Keith has submitted a couple of awesome new entries for the site. Check out this Baron! Definitely the finest example I've ever seen of the Baron kit, and possibly the best  build I've seen of ANY of the Deal's Wheels kits. This was over a year (on and off) in the making, I'm glad Keith finally finished it because it is a feast for the eyes.

Here is a description from Keith:

After several years of thinking about how to finish the Red Baron's 5-Winged Funfdecker Fokker, I got a boost to start building again from some of the other guys that have started collecting them. This was a kit I bought that was a decently built-up kit of the Baron's Fokker and I carefully disassembled it for restoration. All the chrome was sent off for new chrome plating of the old parts after I sanded them down to about 2000 grit fine finish. I also assembled both engines and the wire spoked wheels to have them chrome plated as complete sub-assemblies. After masking the wire wheels and the rag, I airbrushed the tires with tire black enamel. That was so much work I put it up for a long time while I contemplated what else "needed" to be done. Along the way I bought the BIG Hasegawa 1/8 scale Fokker and I had my ideas for the Deal's Wheels Baron kit. First, I filled and sanded all the areas where the parts came together and smoothed out the body so it would not have any seams. I knew the Red Baron's plane would not fly without control cables and I had to add them so he could move his flaps and tail. He had to have that maneuverability to defeat the doggie. All the flaps were removed and reattached with brass wire so they could be repositioned. One of the last things I did was cut and fit very small brass wire for the cables to control the flight surfaces. I painted the Hemmy engine and bought a Details in Scale wiring set and wired it. I installed butterflies in the blower intake which was chromed with the engine. I had the most fun with the one thing that doesn't show well.....The Baron himself. He was painted a warm flesh and his face was shaded with warm flesh and some browns. I finished his head by using a light and darker brown for his hair and mustache. His monocle was painted with Acryl chrome. I added a tiny gold chain from his monocle and carefully glued it over the molded chain on his face and draped it under his uniform out of sight. His uniform was painted in two-tone gray and shaded with a black wash. I did a clear coat on the uniform and finished his Iron Cross in Bare-Metal-Foil Chrome. I did the shoulder epaulet in Bare-Metal-Foil Gold. The uniform was then given a dull coat except for the foil. I did not use the chrome helmet after looking at some old German helmets for reference and painted it gloss black and added Bare-Metal-Foil chrome and gold to it. I added a half-round piping piece down the back of the helmet from the spike and foiled it in the Bare-Metal-Foil Gold to match the uniform. I added a bead to his spike and my signature feathers to the top of his helmet. When I painted the Red Baron's Fokker, I started with a white undercoat and masked off the areas where the German insignia would have to go. Next came the red before I pulled the masks which left the white for the crosses. After cutting stencils, the crosses were airbrushed on. I did this before attaching the wings which made it easier to work with the model. The machine guns have photo-etch sights and ammo belts which are difficult to see in the pictures. The top wing looks as if it is tilted back in the pictures because the flaps are down. The wing is straight and level and maybe you can see it from different levels. I had a great time building it and wish I hadn't waited so long to work on this one again. It is now on display in a protective acrylic football case to keep it safe! If you enjoy the pictures half as much as I enjoyed building the Red Baron, I enjoyed it twice as much as you! I look forward to sharing it.


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