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Rif Raf and his Spitsfire!!

Another very nice build from Keith, this time of the Spitsfire. Here are some comments from Keith:

If was a Funster kit I picked up a few years ago and started on. I lost interest for a while and last week I decided it need to get finished. I use acrylics, lacquers, enamels, oil paints, and last but not least, Future Floor Polish. I plan to spray a semi-gloss acrylic on it when I have some other models that need the same. The decals were EXTREMELY hard to apply as they almost refused to release from the backing paper. Some of them fractured but I managed to get them on in one piece. The only thing I did different than out of the box was add screen to the intakes and flatten the tires so they appear to have some weight. It was an enjoyable build and I'm looking forward to some more this winter!

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