Gomad Nomad!

This model was cast in green metalflake. When I bought the below example, it was painted dark blue with light blue insets, and had an orange and yellow interior! Luckily, it had not been assembled. I stripped the paint with oven cleaner down to the original plastic, clear coated it with lacquer and used Bare Metal Foil for the chrome trim. The original kit did not have a lower bumper, that is something I fabricated from a Monogram '57 Chevy kit. I also added some engine detail (butterflys on the air scoop, throttle cable & return spring) and added the famous '57 hood ornaments that surprisingly were not part of the kit. I love the surfboard with this kit, cool touch! It's the same as the surfboards found on the Van model. I also flocked the floorboards with that fuzzy stuff that makes model interiors look like real carpet. Very cool product. It looks great on the back deck of the Nomad.

New and improved pictures added 05-2007!