Deal's Wheels Metal Cars!

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They may look like your garden variety Deal's Wheels models, but these are metal cars! Thanks to my friend Mike for sending me pics of these out of his personal collection. These cars are about the same size as the models, but the bodies are diecast metal and ...get this... the tires are SOLID rubber! The cars are quite heavy. Mike says the cars came prebuilt , painted and boxed just like you see them. He also thinks they were only available in Europe.Most of the parts attached to the bodies are plastic (headlights, exhaust, etc.). The more you look at these, the more differences you'll notice (albeit minor) between these and their plastic counterparts, the Bug Bomb and Glitter Bug.

Update: I found out a little more about these cars. Mr. Deal has verified that these were fully licensed by Revell and were made by an Italian diecast company. In addition to the 2 shown, there was also one of the Swine Hunt, and a 4th of a Citroen caricature designed by Mr. Deal. The Citroen does not have a plastic model equivalent like the other 3.

Update #2 (5-29-99): I finally got my hands on a couple of these too cool cars. Below is a pic of the Citroen. The driver's head was not designed by Mr. Deal, he said the Italians added that themselves. The driver is a Frenchman with a beret and does not look as good as the heads that Deal slaved over to get just right. Also, Mr. Deal was not happy with the stance of the car, it was supposed to have a more raked stance. That aside, this is a very cool looking car with a sunroof that flips open!