OK, these are way cool and I've got a bunch of them, so I decided to add them to my site as well. These were designed by Tom Daniel and I've got to say they are quite ingenious. Most of them are dynamically posed above a shadow base, some pulling wheelies, some even totally floating in mid-air. The kits were issued in the early 70's in awesome artwork boxes surrounded by flames. Some were reissued in the mid-70's in a more boring box with a photo of the model. For more info on these and pics of the boxes, go to my links page and check out AJs cool Tom Daniel site. I have many of these, but I've only cleaned up and detailed a few. I will add others as I finish them.

Click >>HERE<< to see the list of the models that I've posted so far.

Update 06-17-01: Revell-Monogram has re-released 4 of the original Monogram Snap Draggins!! The re-releases are Super Taxi, Roarin' Rail, Street Cleaner and Hemi Semi. All are molded in yellow with smoke tinted windshields. The original releases had green tinted windshields and were followed by a release later in the 70's that had clear windshields, so this is the easiest way to tell the various issues apart.