Unreal!! Revell has actually reissued some Snap Draggins! Time to dance on the tables for sure!! This is the reissue Super Taxi. The only real difference from the original is the smoke tinted glass vs. the green tint on the original. All the reissues appear to be molded in this yellow color. I clearcoated it, applied the decals and cleared it again. Then I foiled the bumpers, door handles, exhaust pipes and velocity stacks. The stacks were a real challenge to foil as each set of 4 is molded as a single piece of plastic. A little paint work was added on the grill and headlights, drag chute and tires. The base was clearcoated with matte. The little sign on the roof had nothing on it which looked strange. Usually it says "On call" or "Vacant", so I added "No way!" to indicate the driver's lack of interest in stopping long enough to pick up a passenger!