When I picked this one up, it had been built up and then disassembled again. It's a snap kit, so no glue had been used on it. The body molding was of good quality, so I basically  cleaned up the molding marks and polished and waxed it. There was some black paint on the roof cross which I removed. I airbrushed a buffable metalizer (gunmetal) onto the cross, and then foiled the trim around it and the spike, as well as the windshield wipers, handles, etc.

I used a new technique on the VW emblem and the little grilles on the front valance: I applied foil to them and before cutting it away I applied black paint. After letting the paint dry 10 seconds or so, I wiped it with a paper towel which exposed the chrome, and then I cut away the excess foil leaving a very detailed emblem. It looks cool!

I applied flat black to the side panels (below the doors) and drybrushed grey over the that. The headlights were molded in silver-grey, I drybrushed flat white over them and left some of the silver exposed for depth. I foiled the bezels (not easy on these little pieces!) and then applied 2 thick coats of Micro Krystal Klear over the lenses to give them a glass-like appearance. I wish they showed better in the photos. I didn't do much on the wheels, just painted the insets black and highlighted the lug nuts and caps in silver.

I painted the chute flat black with some grey mixed in and then drybrushed 2 shades of grey over that with some white to detail the straps. I drilled out the tailpipe with a hand-vice and enlarged the hole with an Exacto, then foiled the tailpipe. A little drybrushing on the base and tire surfaces, and it's done! I really love the green glass with the blue body on this one, and the dark blue really makes the chrome shine.