Many thanks go out to my buddy AJ that passed this little treasure on to me from his own collection!

This is a reissue of a reissue. The original Bug Bomb kit (which was later renamed to Bug Out) was reissued in the 80's as the Lil Herbie. Several mold changes were made in an attempt to make it look like the Herbie movie car, including adding a sunroof, replacing the rear split window with a single opening, adding chrome bumpers, replacing the peace sign with a molded-in VW emblem and removing the hood tach. The Funster Bug is a reissue of the Lil Herbie and so carries those mold changes listed above. This probably means we will never again see the Bug Bomb except in a form similar to this. The Funster does at least have the driver figure which I don't think was in the Lil Herbie kit.

This was already a nice built-up so I just cleaned it up and did some detailing on it. It was missing the driver, so I used one from an unpainted Bug Bomb parts kit I had. On the interior I drybrushed the driver and his clothes in multiple hues, added gauges to the dash, flocked the flooring and flim-flammed the fliggerbugger. Oops, scratch that last one. I cleaned up the exterior with Windex on Q-tips, then detailed the license plate, foiled the stinger exhaust and VW emblem, painted the tire lettering and painted the pull-back top with a cool color called "rubber" by Testors. Very rubbery looking! Of all the Funsters, I like the decals on this one the best. Well, maybe those cool flames on the Chevy are a close second!