I built this kit for a Polar Lights model contest. I had been wanting to play around with painting flames for some time, so this gave me an excuse to get after it. Below is the description I submitted along with the pics:


I started this project by narrowing the rear end and modifying the chassis to tuck the tires in the fenders to give it a pro-street look. The angle of the car was altered to lower the front end a bit. I worked over the front end so the wheels are turned at an angle and also tucked in the fenders. The side windows were cut out so I could add the monster driver.


Once the chopping was complete, the body was airbrushed flat black, then masked with parafilm. The flames were hand cut into the parafilm and the front area of the masking removed. A flat white base was airbrushed on, then a fade of candy yellow to orange to purple on the flames. All masking was removed and numerous gloss clear coats were applied. The surfboard and hood scoop were airbrushed with the same fade as the flames, then a spatter nozzle was used to add the color spots. The windows were airbrushed with a buffable metalizer as were the suspension components, exhaust, wheels and engine blower. The base and rear tires were drybrushed several shades and real sand was added into the paint to complete the "beach bomb look".


This car needed a driver! The driver head and arm were scratch built from Super Sculpey and painted & detailed with water based acrylics. The eyeballs were clear coated to make 'em look wet. The surfboard rack was scratch built (the board is removable). After assembly, the grill emblem, door handles and shifter were foiled. The shells on the base were added from my 6 year old's "beach stuff" collection! Now this dude is ready to tear up the beaches!!